Lovely Grandma,
went to a place which is full of peacefulness and love.

I do miss, do love her. I wish she was on a very steady path towards the paradise.


In the past 25 years, we seldom chatted a lot due to my poor Traditional language and living far away.
But every time when we met, I'd tried hard to let Grandma know,
I’m doing fine, and hoping that Grandma always takes good care of herself.


However, I feel so sorry for my late coming, Grandma.

I couldn’t see you at last. I couldn’t feel your pain in the past days.

But when I saw your face, at the place where I’ve never gotten in, with peace and calmness

I know that you’re just bounding for the next destination.


Dear Grandma, your smile will be always in my mind.
Please bring all our wishes with you.

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  • crystalwings
  • My dear dear Rachel, I can totally understand
    your feeling. I believe that ur grandma is fine,
    especially seeing you r doing fine now. She
    has gone to a peaceful place that she can
    finally rest. She will always be with you as
    long as you miss her and remember what
    you had learned from her. I wasnt able to
    see my two grandfathers n the
    grandmother's last time as well. N it does
    hurt a lot. Bt seeing them rest in peace with
    the satisfied smiling, I think the best way for
    us to honor them is to live better. Plz do take
    good care of yourself. N we r always here for
    u whenever u need company:) (Hug)